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Full Version: Expected rendering?
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After testing the examples using Kernal64, I noticed a big difference when running the sequencer example.
Of course, Kernal64 doesn't try to mimic my old monitor (Sony PVM-14N5U monitor, PAL/NTSC) but I found the vertical lines quite weird (check the M and H, and the BASIC lines), like some kind of interlaced display.
I never noticed that with "normal" C64 graphics. I check a few demos, nothing like that. Do I imagine things ?

[Image: seq.jpg]

Monitor specs:
I am not competely sure I understand the question but.. here is a picture from the small CRT I use for testing

and I find it all correct. Vertical lines are inherent feature of the display. When looking close they are somewhat more pronounced on Sony Trinitron tubes, less pronounced on "PIL" tubes and least on "delta" tubes. If that's what you mean - as I can't be sure here.