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Kernal64 1.7.0 b15
(2021-04-14, 08:39 AM)abbruzze Wrote:
(2021-03-15, 11:35 PM)silverdr Wrote: @abbruzze - noticed a small problem with the version mentioned in the subject. When using VBASIC and issuing the recommended "reset to a known state" sequence `RACER 0:RACER 2` - it looks like the displaylist gets enabled. That is not correct and leads to various problems especially when the already existing displaylist works with PORT registers... Please ensure that the above mentioned sequence completely re-sets the emulated BeamRacer, which includes disabling displaylist processing.

Hi, sorry but I just read now your message.
Ok, problem fixed.
It will be available on next release.
Great, thanks! FYI the above mentioned sequence first disables ("un-knocks") the BeamRacer and then reenables it with the known "register knocking". Disabling and reenabling resets all VASYL internals.

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