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Installation on a C64C (but not only)
Hi guys,
So as I received the Beamracer (nice packaging!), I wanted to install it on my PAL C64C.

I followed the instructions (for the narrow boards, mine is a 250469 rev A), I was able to bend the C36 capacitor (enough I guess, else I'll re-solder it).
But I'm totally unable to set the beamracer in the socket, each time it pops up like it was on springs.

To test I also tried on the riser socket, the socket fits perfectly well on the VIC socket but same result, the BeamRacer pops up even when "well" inserted (meaning as much as it can).

I guess this is due to the pin shapes.

Any advice? I'd like to avoid breaking anything.


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Installation on a C64C (but not only) - by shazz - 2020-10-11, 01:47 PM

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