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Integrated Lumafix Pro
(2021-05-13, 02:34 PM)sebos Wrote: Hello.

I am thinking about this specification. When connected to the BemRacer, there is absolutely no improvement in image quality.
The image is identical to that of the VIC-II itself.

Hello and welcome to the forum!

In its default configuration BeamRacer does not affect the analog video signal generated by VIC-II. To enable LumafixPro, please locate switch SW1 in the lower-right corner of the board, next to "LUMAFIX ON" marking. Enable the switch by removing orange protective film from the top and then move the knob to the right, using a pin or a needle.

It is safe to do it while the C64 is powered on, and the difference in image quality should be immediately obvious.

Next, please use trimmers PHI0 and AEC to fine-tune the circuit to the specifics of your VIC-II, motherboard, and analog-to-digital video converter (if in use).

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