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Release date moved to August.

2020 is a difficult year for bringing a new product to market. As the world struggles with social- and health-related issues of magnitude long unheard of, we have been stung by a relatively minor, yet still painful inconvenience - a shortage of a critical electronic component. After some rather intense search and negotiations we managed to locate the supplier, secure the delivery to the factory manufacturing BeamRacer boards, and have been ensured that it is just a few short weeks until we are able to start shipping the finished product.

Since we would rather not disappoint you twice, we are cautiously shifting the availability date to August, quietly hoping that it will be in its early days when we can commence deliveries.

As we are pushing forward with the final stages of the BeamRacer project, we apologize for this delay, and promise to spend the time between now and August on further improvements to the documentation, software, and code examples accompanying the board.

The MHL Team

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