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Installation on a C64C (but not only)

When placed on the riser socket, there should normally be zero problems with installation (riser socket has flat pins as the chip does) but do I understand correctly that it pops also out of the riser socket? When the riser socket is installed, it should get completely in, without any gaps left:

[Image: fetch.php?media=installation_make_sure_n...e_left.jpg]

It requires some force but once in it should have absolutely no tendency to pop-out of the riser socket. Are you able to install the socket as on the above picture? YES, please be careful not to break anything and better ask even multiple times instead!

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Installation on a C64C (but not only) - by shazz - 2020-10-11, 01:47 PM
RE: Installation on a C64C (but not only) - by silverdr - 2020-10-11, 06:19 PM

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