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Encouraged by silverdr I started development of BeamRacer-compatible GEOS.

You can find it here on GitHub: (make sure to checkout breamracer-ramexp branch).

Right now there is support for the same basic additional features that already existed in this reverse engineered GEOS back in 2000 for expansions like +60K and RamCart 64/128
  • whole DeskTop will be cached in RAM, so you only need to keep it on the boot disk
  • swap file for memory overwritten by running Desk Accessories (Calculator, Notepad, etc.) is stored in extra RAM rather than on the disk
This occupies most of the first 64K, so there are 7 banks left.

I plan to use 6x64K banks for disk cache / RAM disk.

The last bank would be reserved for the most ambitious project - redirecting all graphical functions of GEOS to BeamRacer, basically overlaying whole screen with Bitmap Sequencer data. This would allow to use step/repeat/copy features for fast access. VDC (80 column) support on C128 proves that this is possible to do and GEOS isolates applications from accessing bitmaps directly.

You can find whole roadmap here:

There are no releases yet, but I have setup automated build already. If you go into Actions, then click on the latest CI workflow run, then in the Artifacts section you will find the PRG file that you can load and run. A disk with DeskTop must be in the drive 8.
Boy - did I mention how glad am I to see you on board?! :-)))
Here is something that actually works in two drive setting. It only uses extra RAM to make things go faster:

- DeskTop is permanently cached, no need to keep it on every floppy
- there is no more time wasted on creating Swap File when running Desk Accessories
- Drive #8 is hardcoded as a 1541 with Shadow RAM (disk cache)
- custom CONFIGURE detects drive #9; it has original 1541 driver replaced by my patched version; it won't work if you have two different drive types (i.e. 1571 as #8 and 1541 as #9)

I didn't setup releases on GitHub yet, so D64 is attached here
.zip (Size: 48.19 KB / Downloads: 0)

This was assembled from commit

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